Angelcare ON-the-GO Nappy Bags Dispenser

Angelcare ON-the-GO Nappy Bags Dispenser

Angelcare ACAM2 Extra Movement Sensor Pad & Nursery Unit

Angelcare ACAM2 Extra Movement Sensor Pad & Nursery Unit

Angelcare ON-the-GO Nappy Bags Refills

The Angelcare On-The-Go Dispenser is there to help dispose of soiled nappies wherever you are. Its distinctive Angelcare design is compact and user friendly and includes a convenient carry rear clip and a handy loop on top too.
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My Cassette isn’t in the box!

Don’t worry: we’ve pre-loaded this into the top of the bin to save space and prevent damage in transit!

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The Easy-Knot System nappy bags are made with the same unique Multi-layer film as the Angelcare Refill Cassettes. This acts as an effective, proven and trusted way to lock-in and seal-in odours. The contour shaped bag design helps to reduce excess waste.

Each Angelcare On-The-Go Dispenser comes with one roll of 25 On-The-Go Bags included. Ensuring while you’re out and about you’ll have bags at hand to help dispose of those unwanted nappies; with no smell, no scent and no odour.

  • Includes 2 rolls of 25 bags refills
  • Refill bags with OdourSealTM technology: Features a stronger, 7-layer film with an odour barrier that traps smells inside the bag, providing the ultimate in odour protection!
  • Refill bags includes a Germ-fighting antibacterial coating
  • Practical: Belt Clip Travel Size for convenient use
  • Easy Knot technology: Makes tying each bag a breeze
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