Angelcare Dress Up Fabric Sleeves

Always looking for new, beautiful ways to support the parenting journey, Angelcare® offers a stylish range of Dress Up Fabric Sleeves to complement the Dress Up Nappy Disposal System. These swappable fabric covers are so versatile. They give design-conscious parents the option to turn a simple nappy bin into a thing of beauty, perfectly at home in the most pretty of nurseries.

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We’ve got Refill Cassettes to suit your Angelcare Nappy Bin!

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Taking influence from wonderful designers, the swappable fabric covers come with a range of colours and shapes. It includes charming illustrations and delicate shades that are so on trend! Whichever you choose, the Dress Up Sleeve is low-maintenance, easy to put on and machine washable.A stylish way to keep your baby’s nursery smelling fresh and clean.

  • Designer Approved: Be inspired. Design is all in the details. Choose from different stylish designs to complement your perfect baby's room.
  • Quick & Easy: Conceived with new parents’ reality in mind, our Dress Up Fabric Sleeves can be quickly and easily changed.
  • Washable: Machine washable. Dress Up Fabric Sleeves do not require any special care. Just wash and let dry.
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